Christian Robbins Guitar Player

About Christian Robbins

Christian Robbins is a dynamic new hard-hitting guitar player, just now emerging as a force in the rough & tumble world of hard rock and heavy metal. Nurtured at a young age by his dad to play guitar and learn karate, he excelled at both.

christian-bioIn mid-2013, at age 16, he attained his 2nd degree black belt in Shorin Ryu Karate…but more importantly, he helped found his first true rock band, Brownstone, with bassist Kelli Garni (founding member of Quiet Riot with Randy Rhoads), TomiRae Brown (widow & backup vocalist of soul legend & Rock & Roll Hall of Famer James Brown), and Walter Robbins & Lari Dolan (of Las Vegas & Sunset Strip Legends, Luv Hunter).

In late 2013/early 2014, at age 17, Christian joined Las Vegas ruffians Dirty Pairadice, honing his metal/hard rock song writing abilities, while bringing his screaming riffs to Vegas-based venues such as House of Blues at Mandalay Bay, legendary rock club Count Vamp’d, & downtown hotspot Triple B’s. It was at this time that legendary rock photographer, Robert M. Knight, got wind of this killer guitar player in the Las Vegas Valley. Upon meeting Christian, Robert Knight was blown away by his virtuoso riffing abilities especially at 17 years old. He immediately contacted his contacts at Gibson Guitars, Marshall Amps, & Ernie Ball Strings all companies whose equipment & products Christian had used for years. Telling them “Christian Robbins is the next Randy Rhoads/Zakk Wylde…you need to get on this now!” By mid-2014, Christian began writing guitar instrumental songs for what would become his debut EP. In early 2015, Christian was selected by Gibson Guitars to perform at the NAMM Show on the Gibson Stage. He performed 3 tracks from his upcoming EP…”Marrakech”, “Superhero”, & “Making of a Champion”. Demonstrating a confidence & stage presence uncanny for his age, Christian was told afterwards by Dave Berryman, President of Gibson Guitars, in a Godfather moment “You were amazing, welcome to the family!” Upon Christian being introduced to Jack Casady, Hall of Fame bassist for Jefferson Airplane, Gibson’s Peter Leinheiser told Mr. Casady “Christian is my hand-picked choice to represent Gibson Guitars for the next generation!”

By April of 2015, the songs were ready to be recorded at Tone Factory Studios…engineered by Vinnie Castaldo, and produced by Walter Robbins… Brent Fitz (Slash’s drummer since 2010, formerly of Alice Cooper) laid the drum tracks…Danny Miranda (bassist for Meatloaf, formerly of Queen & Blue Oyster Cult) laid the bass tracks…Gregg Fox (formerly of Heart & Foreigner) laid the keyboards & ear candy tracks. The final mixes & masters for the EP were completed in September, 2015. Going forward, Christian is excited for what his future holds…at some point, he would wants to put together an original band project, Blood of tyrants…The’s also open-minded to joining an established national act for touring or recording purposes. Either way, he’s ready to make his mark in the music business…writing, performing & recording amazing rock & metal music…with smokin’ leads & crunchy riffs! The ‘aura’…the ‘it’ factor… the ‘swagger’…ALL describe this blistering guitarist!

Christian Robbins…Guitar Hero for a NEW Generation!!